“Future Donor Prospect”

Flo is a Purebred Hereford heifer sired by Monument. She comes from the Bruce Everhart herd that has produced so many good ones in the Hereford business. We are excited to branch off into the Hereford breed and start raising some purebreds
“Future Donor Prospect”

Peaches is a Bojo daughter out of the KB Mariah 78 cow, and granddaughter of the great 524 cow from Kris Black's. We plan to use Peaches in our fall born herd to produce those popular Charolais composites cattle that are so popular in the southern states
WRT 90
Was purchased at the 2009 Cream of the Crop Sale as Lot 1.

Yellow Jacket (Lifeline) x Donor 9730 (Taz x labon).
White RT 297N
Was purchased at the 2008 Cream of the Crop Sale.

Rattler (Double Dandy x Cub - Cunia) x Picasso x Angus
Irish Whiskey 25
AMAA # 367672

Was purchased in the 2006 Exposure Sale as lot 129, her dam was a several time champion for Mid Continent Farms.
Progeny from Irish Whiskey 25 A first calf crop:

Bombero x Irish Whiskey 25A

Sun Seeker x Irish Whiskey 25A

Benny x KB 524 Donor (Charolais x Angus x Hereford)

Monopoly x KB Mariah 78 embryos

Monopoly x KB Mariah 78

KB Mariah 78
Benny x KB 524 Donor (Charolais x Angus x Hereford)

This Charolais cross heifer was purchased as Lot #150 in the 2005 Exposure Female Sale, she was my pick of the bred heifers.  KB Mariah is a maternal sister to Kris Black's top selling heifer in his 2010 Cream of the Crop sale for $35,000.

Bombero x KB Mariah 78

Sun Seeker x KB Mariah 78

Sun Seeker x KB Mariah 78

Sun Seeker x KB Mariah 78

Sun Seeker x KB Mariah 78

Sun Seeker x KB Mariah 78

Bombero x KB Mariah 78

Sun Seeker x KB Mariah 78

Sun Seeker x KB Mariah 78

Hereford steer - Carpe Diem x KB Mariah 78

Charolais heifer - I Am Legend x KB Mariah 78


Draftpick granddaughter

Embryos For Sale by Yellow Jacket

Draftpick granddaughter
AMAA # 345186

Sold as Lot #1 in the Kris Black's 2005 Cream of the Crop Sale.

Our top fall born calf by Friction sold to Caldwell Show Steers.

Friction heifer that sold in the 2009 Tennessee Beef Agribition

GCC Miss Ice Pick 2066

BK Ice Pick 472J x Angus
AMAA # 317279

We purchased this top seller at the 2004 Exposure Sale.

Friction x GCC Miss Ice Pick 2066
Our top seller in 2008 sold to Jeff Miller
and Rinker family.

Friction x GCC Miss Ice Pick 2066 Our top selling fall born in 2009. 
Sold to Ricky Lester Gonzales, TX

Special thanks to Robert Marvin of Fortlupton, CO, for purchasing a flush out of GCC Miss Ice Pick 2066 in the Royal Flush Sale.
Mail Lady 6034F

Photo currently not available

The Mailman 57A x SimAngus
ACA # 249018     
BD: 4/20/96

Shown by Cunningham Family

Top Seller in 2002  Sale

Bombero 2006 promotional bull Heat Wave x 6034F

Mossy Oak x 6034F

Chili 007 Cow

Photo currently not available
RCP RoyalL 007A x WRR Red Baroness 4476D
AMAA # 236899     
BD: 5/02/96

Chili 007's calves have emerged as eye-catching top sellers in the past few years...

Purchased by Huhnke Family

Popular 2002 Chili 007 calf pictured
on front cover of sale catalog.

2004 Godfather x 007 heifer
purchased by the Ott Family.
Res. Champion Market Heifer,
Hoosier Classic Preview Show.

Top selling Chili 007 calf in 2003
Beitelspacher 7216

Photo currently not available
Simmental x Angus
We purchased this fine donor in the Sweetheart sale.
Embryos have sold in the Hatchery and Circle of Success sales.

Special thanks to Randall Morris of Slocumb, Alabama
for purchasing this fine donor in the Female Focus Sale.

Donor 26

Photo currently not available

AMAA # 215061     
BD: 4/26/95
Raised the top seller in our 2006 Calf Sale!

Reserve Champion Market Heifer
2003 Indiana State Fair
Shown by the Gerber Family

2000 Steer shown by Tillman/Palmer.
Grand or Reserve 8 times in 2001
Elba Rose 703
AAA # 11060059

703 was featured in the first Hatchery Sale!

WAG Mail Lady 6007F

Photo currently not available

ACA # 249017
She clicks every time with Heat Wave. Her last 4 natural calves by Heat Wave have been top sellers.

Top seller in our 2005 sale,
purchased by Balnchette Family

Purchased by Pruet Family, Indiana

Purchased by Wade Baxter, Texas